The Innkeepers

Directed by Ti West (2011)

SUMMARY: The Yankee Pedlar Inn is about to close and clerks Luke and Claire decide to further pursue their amateur paranormal investigation. 

THOUGHTS:  Paranormal films just really are not my thing. There are so many disappointments in this genre (Paranormal Activity, I’m looking at you) and yet when they’re done right, they’re fantastic. Sadly, “The Innkeepers" falls in the "disappointment" category.

Take two clerks that are employed at a haunted hotel that is closing. Throw in some unexpected guests and a super simple story line and the result is this film. Those that have little patience will be disappointed by the abundance how much time is spent working towards the build up in order to be met with very little pay off. Before there is any sign of spirits, you meet the all too naive and grating Claire and the aloof Luke that pines for Claire. Were ghosts residing at the doomed hotel and what was the story behind it?

The Innkeepers" strength was the all-too-present, overdone music. Backhanded compliment aside, the film suffered from music as dramatic cues syndrome. Like most horror films, the sounds of the orchestra were telling you to be prepared for a shocker - and then it just fell flat.

The main problem with the film is the simplicity of the script. There was nothing that really makes “The Innkeepers" stand out as a film - it was too simple, too packaged - the paranormal seemed more of an afterthought. While the story mainly focused on the staff, and their interests, ghosts were just a side story - as if someone just threw that idea into one big pot and out came "instant paranormal" soup. Scares were few and far between the humor lacked any real punch.

Out of all the “scares” in the film, the scariest moments had to be the fact that Luke & Claire were drinking Schlitz and that I paid $10.99 to watch this. All in all, “The Innkeepers" is zero calorie, haunting lite for the Ghost Hunters set.  

VERDICT:  4 schlitz out of 10


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